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14 June 2022

Headless commerce with Shopify: the complete guide

This is the complete guide to headless commerce with Shopify: what it is, how it works, the pros and cons, and how to go headless.

headless shopify complete guide

This guide to headless commerce with Shopify covers the following topics:


Frequent questions

How does headless commerce work?

Headless commerce is the separation of the front and backend. The backend and the frontend communicate with each other through APIs. An application programming interface (API) is a set of code that enables data transmission between one software product and another.

How does headless Shopify work?

Shopify enables merchants to build headless commerce webshops with their Storefront API.

What does a Headless Shopify architecture consist of?

Storefront layer, service layer, and back-office layer.

Is Shopify a headless CMS?

Shopify has an in-built CMS with headless capability but does not come close to the functionalities a headless CMS as Storyblok or Contentful provides.

Does Shopify integrate with Headless CMS?

Yes, Shopify integrates with headless CMS solutions like Contentful, Storyblok, Contentstack, and Prismic.

How much does Shopify Plus cost?

$2,000 USD per month on a month-to-month term

Who should use Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is built for fast-growing eCommerce brands that do at least $2 million a year in revenue.

Do you need Shopify Plus for headless commerce?

No, you can build a headless Shopify webshop with the regular Shopify plan.

What are the benefits of headless commerce?

Increased site speed and conversion rsates, customizable user experience, omnichannel commerce, multi-language management, and faster speed to market.

What are the drawbacks of headless commerce?

Loss of the Shopify theme editor, no more plug-and-play app downloads, and the dependency on developers.

Can you change the URL structure with Shopify?

Changing the URL structure is only possible when you build a headless Shopify store.

Is Shopify 2.0 headless?


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