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Take Your eCommerce Store Headless With Instant Commerce

Last updated: 08 December 2022

Headless commerce can be a huge difference-maker for your eCommerce store. Instant Commerce enables eCommerce brands to build and manage headless storefronts to create the ultimate user experience for their customers.

With a headless architecture, eCommerce stores don’t need to be restricted to out-of-the-box templates that slow down their websites. Instant Commerce provides a headless storefront builder that frees you from restrictive Shopify templates, speeds up your website, and allows you to increase conversions. 

A component-based no-code platform like Instant Commerce means that marketers don’t need to rely on their developers every time they want to launch a new landing page or add new functionalities. Plus, you can easily integrate with third-party tools like Shopify, enabling you to keep the eCommerce platform you’re already familiar with. 

Ready to get started on your headless commerce journey? Check out our guide: Headless commerce with Shopify: the complete guide or get your demo here!

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