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Customer story

Studio Noos is a fast-growing brand selling both directly to consumers and across 100+ stores. They’re loved by parents throughout Europe for their handmade mom and diaper bags. Ever since their launch in 2020, they have taken the industry by storm.

However, with growth always come challenges, and Studio Noos faced its fair set of challenges when it came to its technical architecture. Sluggish site speed across devices; slow time to market because of developer dependencies; and the inability to open new online localized stores.


Fashion & Lifestyle

Business model

B2C / B2B


Within 3 weeks

The Results

The Challenge

Studio Noos got its start on a free Shopify template, then made the switch to Shopify 2.0 which allowed them to grow to where they are today. However, they weren’t satisfied yet. To further grow and meet the demand in other countries. Studio Noos wanted to spin up new online stores that provide truly localized shopping experiences. From languages to payment options, product catalogs, and shipment providers. However, doing this seemed impossible with their previous setup.

On the other hand Studio Noos saw a steep decline in conversion on mobile devices because of slow site speed. And making changes to their webshop always required some outside technical expertise whether it was something as simple as changing a button or creating a landing page.

“The problem with our previous tech-stack is the dependencies it created on developers, leaving our team feeling frustrated and powerless."

Pascal Ummels

Co-Founder, Studio Noos

The Solution

To solve these problems Studio Noos looked at headless commerce. While this looked like the solution that could fix all their problems. The traditional way of going headless was out of reach because of the costs involved ($150K+) and time to market (4 months+). Studio Noos took a closer look at the headless commerce landscape and when they came across our storefront builder platform they knew it was an instant hit because of:

  • Instant Commerce’s library of pre-built eCommerce blocks removes the need to build anything from scratch.

  • Out-of-the-box integrations with best-in-class technology, from Klaviyo to Storemapper.

  • Instant Commerce personalization feature that allows you to add product personalization options like engravings in a matter of minutes.

  • The ability to keep using Shopify as their trusted and reliable backend system.

  • Automated sync to headless CMS Storyblok which makes managing content and languages easy.

  • The right balance between no-code customization options and low-code tools to extend the customizability of blocks.

  • An organized dashboard to manage domains and languages per store.

  • Automated serverless deployment with Cloudflare workers that ensures reliable and fast site speed.

“Working with the Instant Commerce platform has been a delightful breeze. We are moving faster in every sense of the word, from launching new pages and stores to our page speed."

Pascal Ummels

Co-Founder, Studio Noos


Tools & integrations that levelled up Studio Noos's eCommerce experience:

  • Instant Commerce, storefront builder, API layer and deployment

  • Shopify, eCommerce platform for backend functions such as order management system, PIM (Product Information Management), Payment, WMS, Promotions

  • Storyblok, headless content management system (CMS)

  • Klaviyo, ecommerce marketing automation platform for email marketing and sms

  • Google Tag Manager, a tag management system (TMS)

  • Triple Whale, the operating system for eCommerce brands that centralizes all of your metrics into one dashboard

  • Storemapper, store locator app to help your customers find your products

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