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Customer story

Functional Nutrition is one of Europe’s largest vitamin and nutritional supplement retailers, carrying some of the most well-known and well-respected nutraceutical brands. As Supplement Hub, their direct to consumer brand, started to grow rapidly, a major focus was adopting a headless architecture for more flexibility and agility.

Supplement Hub looked for a solution that could support their growth, help them eliminate developer dependencies, and build content-rich and unique storefronts fast and easy.



Business model

Direct to consumer

Online stores


The results

The challenge

Functional Nutrition started in the United Kingdom in 2007. Supplement Hub, its direct-to-consumer brand, launched in 2018 to make getting and staying healthy as simple as possible. Soon after launching, the business started to grow rapidly within and outside of the UK. To meet the surging demand, Supplement Hub wanted to spin up localized stores, from local languages to payment options and shipment providers. However, this did not seem possible with their current Shopify theme solution. In addition, every single change on their storefront required help from technical people which slowed down the time to market and increased IT costs.

Functional Nutrition’s leadership became interested in adopting a headless architecture when they learned it could help them spin-up multiple storefronts from a single code base, increase site speed, and time to market and build content-rich and unique storefronts.

The Solution

Supplement Hub decided to use Shopify for its backend functions only (payments, inventory and customer data, etc.) and use Instant Commerce to build storefronts. With our storefront builder, Supplement Hub was able to build and launch its first headless storefront within two weeks.

Thanks to Instant Commerce, their in-house content and marketing team can now focus on building and optimizing pages without waiting on technical support. While the tech team can focus on integrating best-in-class tools and building new functionalities without having to build API integrations from scratch or worrying about the underlying deployment architecture and middleware components.

The Instant Commerce platform made it possible to build a headless storefront in an easy way. With our new tech-stack it's easier for us to expand and adapt to local markets.

Robert van Hunsel

Chief executive officer EU & ROW Functional Nutrition


Supplement Hub integrated various tools into the Instant Commerce API layer to create superior shopping experiences across its storefronts.

Shopify: eCommerce platform for backend functions such as order management system, PIM (Product Information Management), Payment, WMS, Promotions

Algolia: AI-based site search with instant results, typo tolerance and analytics

Storyblok: headless content management system

Gorgias: help desk for eCommerce brands to manage all your support in one place. 

Google tag manager: Tag management solution

Trustpilot: online reviews platform.

Klaviyo: unified customer platform for email, SMS, and more.

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