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Customer story

Curafyt is a natural supplement brand for both dogs and horses. Started by a veterinarian, Curafyt has been able to get a foothold on the market from day one. Curafyt sells its product throughout The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and France.

curafyt headless storefront build with Instant Commerce, mobile preview

In order to take their storefront to the next level and solve some of the pain points created by their monolithic commerce setup, Curafyt set out to build a headless Shopify store with the Instant Commerce storefront builder platform.



Business model



curafyt product listing page


Curafyt sells its products in multiple markets, that each require a localized shopping experience. From the language, to product catalogs and payment options. However, creating and managing multi-lingual and multi-region sites was far from easy with their monolithic Shopify setup.

In addition, Curafyt’s number one traffic source is mobile. Because of their sluggish site speed they saw a steep decline in click-through-rate and conversion on mobile compared to desktop.

Curafyt was looking for a solution that could improve their site performance on mobile, give them more freedom in the frontend to express their brand, increase time to market by reducing developer dependencies and build localized shopping experiences that convert.


Curafyt explored the path of building a headless storefront from scratch, but the costs and timeline of such a project left them uninterested. When they came across Instant Commerce, a storefront builder for headless commerce, they knew it was an option worth exploring.

First and foremost, the pre-built library of eCommerce blocks, components and pages, all editable with no-code tools. Enabled Curafyt to build their first storefront in a matter of days instead of months.

Next, 3rd party technologies such as Trustpilot, which they used in their previous storefront needed to be integrated in their new headless store. Thanks to the Instant Commerce API layer which has over 50+ pre-built integrations with the most popular eCommerce technology, this was done in a matter of seconds instead of days.

Another selling point was the costs of Instant Commerce. Instead of the usual $150K+ required to build a headless storefront, our software-as-a-service platform charges a fixed monthly fee, without unforeseeable costs.


Curafyt connected various technologies into the Instant Commerce API layer to create a superior shopping experience.

Shopify: eCommerce platform for backend functions such as order management system, PIM (Product Information Management), Payment, WMS, Promotions

Storyblok: Headless content management system

Google tag manager: Tag management solution

Trustpilot: Online reviews platform

Cookiebot: Cookie consent, cookie monitoring and cookie control

Klaviyo: Unified customer platform for email, SMS, and more

Tidio chatLive chat and chatbot

Storemapper: Store locator app to help your customers find your products

headless commerce technology stack - Curafyt

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