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Customer story

Brightly educates more than three million individuals every day through inspiring short-form videos on social media, an award-winning podcast, Good Together, that has been featured by Apple six times as the “#1 podcast for conscious consumers,” and thoroughly-researched myth-busting sustainability articles. Their edu-entertainment is combined with vetted and tested products that are both effective and eco-friendly. 

Brightly published all its content on a wordpress website, and sold its products on a separate Shopify store. To combine content and commerce in a seamless way and enable better and more user-friendly content management, Brightly looked to adopt a headless architecture.


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Agency Partner
Maison Commerce


The problem

Brightly combines content, community, and sustainable product recommendations to provide a positive, judgment-free space for change. However combining content and commerce was a major challenge due to their tech-stack.

Brightly published and hosted all of its content on a Wordpress site and sold products through a separate Shopify store. Because of this separation, Brightly saw a steep decline in conversion. In addition, people coming from social media, Brightly’s second largest traffic generator, landed on a bland and simple Shopify storefront which also resulted in low conversion rates.

To solve this problem and in addition empower their in-house team to make changes faster without needing help from developers for every little website change, Brightly approached Instant Commerce. 

The process

We coupled Brightly with one of our trusted agency partners, Maison Commerce, to build the headless storefront and adopt the tech-stack that could help them accelerate growth. Kasper Dolk, founder of Maison Commerce said “our biggest challenge during the project was migrating more than 1100 articles from Wordpress to Storyblok, a headless content management system”.

The Maison Commerce team was able to pull this off by building a custom script that could export and import the content from Wordpress to Storyblok while keeping things such as categories and urls in mind. 

"Instant Commerce could not have selected a better agency partner for us. From the first point of contact we knew we were in good hands with Maison Commerce."

Laura Alexander Wittig

Founder & CEO Brightly

With over 180K organic traffic from google each month, ensuring proper Google indexing was of the utmost importance. Not only did this go successfully, after launching their headless storefront, organic traffic increased by 5%, just a few weeks after launching.

Maison Commerce handled the development and migration part of the website, but also was in charge of implementing their new branding to offer visitors a content-driven and visually appealing shopping experience.

“Instant Commerce has a huge library of pre-built conversion optimized blocks, pages and components which you can customize with no-code tools. In addition you can choose to build your own blocks in react with the Instant Commerce SDK or customize blocks with custom CSS. Also, API integrations ranging from Algolia to Gorgias are already in place which eliminates this difficult and time-consuming part of building a headless storefront. All in all, Instant Commerce makes it very easy to build unique headless storefronts for our clients, without worrying about the complex technological architecture”. Kasper Dolk, founder of Maison Commerce.

The solution

At Instant Commerce we have always strived to build a storefront builder platform that empowers both developers and content and marketing teams. In that, we created a platform tailored to fit and adapt to the technological needs of developers, while giving the eCommerce team the flexibility and control to customize pages and test new-functionalities without needing any code.

“Thanks to Instant Commerce, our site is faster, our content team and marketers are empowered and we are finally able to deliver storytelling-rich experiences”.

Laura Alexander Wittig

Founder & CEO Brightly


Brightly integrated various tools into the Instant Commerce API layer to create a superior shopping experience.

Shopify: eCommerce platform for backend functions such as order management system, PIM (Product Information Management), Payment, WMS, Promotions

Storyblok: headless content management system

Klaviyo: unified customer platform for email, SMS, and more.

Judge.Me: product Reviews

Goaffpro: affiliate marketing app for your eCommerce store

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