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Top 5 benefits of headless commerce

Sam Van Hees • 22 February 2023

Headless commerce, the separation of the frontend and backend, bring with it many advantages for eCommerce brands.

Read on to explore:

  • The top 5 benefits op headless commerce

  • What consumers thinks about headless commerce

Top 5 benefits headless commerce:

1. Faster time to market

Since the frontend and backend are decoupled, changes can be made to the frontend without impacting the backend.

With headless commerce, you can work on the frontend, the customer-facing side, without having to wait for back-end work, and vice versa. Creating new pages, optimizing existing ones, and launching new features require less time because of it.  And your tech and marketing team can each keep moving forward without depending on the other to finish first.

2. Built to scale

According to data, 47% of IT and eCommerce leaders mentioned that their current platform will only support them for no more than 12 months.

Headless commerces is powered by APIs. As a result, you can integrate with all of your existing systems (PIM, ERP, etc.) and any integrations you might need in the future such as a CRM or Headless CMS.

Headless commerce essentially gives brands the control to move at their own pace and adapt their technology stack to their current and future needs. 

3. Increased personalization

When you’re able to serve your customers the online shopping experience they want your chances of converting them increase dramatically.

Because of headless commerce’s decoupled nature, it’s built for personalization. You can make changes to any storefront your customers are shopping on, AB test across devices, and personalize the entire customer journey, without impacting or making changes to the backend.

4. Fewer barriers to internationalization

Another benefit of headless commerce is easier multi-language and multi-currency management. Today, to sell abroad with a monolithic solution, brands are required to run a storefront for each country they are active in. The result, multiple webshops, and codebases that each need to be managed. 

Monolithic Commerce Architecture Graph

With a headless architecture, you can deploy your storefront from a single backend to any country and or device you want. Reducing workload and room errors.

Headless Commerce Architecture Graph

5. Marketplaces and Social Commerce

Many online marketplaces and social media platforms now link directly to online stores. Customers are no longer exclusively visiting a webshop to make a purchase.

For instance, a customer may use Google’s shopping tab or shop via Instagram or TikTok. When they make a purchase through that channel they need to utilize other payment providers that may not be supported by your eCommerce platform.

Headless commerce allows online stores to link to marketplaces and social platforms and accept alternative payment methods.

What do customers think about headless commerce?

It’s safe to say that the average person has never heard the term headless commerce before, so your customers couldn’t care less about whether or not you are using a headless technology.

What customers do care about is their experience on your webshop. What they will notice when you adopted a headless architecture is the following:

Faster site

Since the frontend and backend are separated, it’s only the frontend that needs to load for site visitors and search engine crawlers to access it. The result, fast-loading pages across every device. This gives your customers a better experience while browsing your webshop and get’s them to where they want to be fast and painlessly.

Superior experience

A headless commerce solution allows you to seamlessly integrate the best-in-class tools for specific jobs and create a shopping experience your customers love. For example, you can integrate Algolia, an AI-powered site search solution. With Algolia you can turn the site search into a blazing fast experience that allows for frictionless shopping with robust typo tolerance and advanced filters. 


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Author / Writer
Sam Van Hees
Founder & CMO

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