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What’s new with Instant Commerce? August 2022 product update

Sam Van Hees • 22 February 2023

Learn all about the latest features in Instant Commerce to help you build superior online shopping experiences. This month, we launched Instant CSS, new integrations with best-in-class eCommerce technology, and added more customization options to our product listing pages. Let’s dive in.

Instant Commerce Product Update August 2022

Product listing pages

The Instant Commerce frontend builder consists of styling, blocks, and pages. This month we focused on pages and gave our Product Listing Pages a well-deserved upgrade! Hereby an overview of all the new features:

Edit your PDP as you want

Product listing header

  • The header can now show the collection image from Shopify

  • Ability to display or hide the default header in Storyblok

  • Customize the styling of the header in the admin: layout, theme, width, text alignment, text size, image height, image corner radius and so much more.

Product grid

  • Ability to set the width of the grid to be full width or have a “boxed” effect

  • Ability to set the sidebar open by default

  • Ability to set the filter collapsible open by default

Collection navigation

  • Ability to customize the product collection structure (collections and subcollections) in Storyblok. 

  • Ability to adjust whether you want your collections to be displayed in a bar above the grid and/or with product filters. The layouts can be customized separately for mobile and desktop. 

Dynamic sections

  • Ability to add dynamic sections before and after the product grid, this allows you to add custom blocks on the product listing page.

Instant CSS

Welcome Instant CSS

Until now, customization of our pre-built blocks was possible with our no-code tools. While this offered the flexibility to build great stores, we decided to go one step further.

Announcing: Instant CSS. With Instant CSS every block becomes customizable to the pixel. Check out this article to find out how it works.

New integrations

Last but not least we've added two new integrations to our platform! The functionalities they offer have been requested by many of our merchants. 

Kiwi sizing

  • Increase sales with fit recommender and stylish size charts.

  • Integrates on the PDPs by showing a "Size Guide" button.

  • Relevant to any brand that has "product sizes"


  • Drive traffic to your store locations, dealers, or distributors.

  • Adds a new "Storemapper" block in the customizer that can be used on any page.

  • Relevant for any brand that sells its products in physical stores

That’s it for this month! We’ll get back to work and see you in a couple of weeks.


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Author / Writer
Sam Van Hees
Founder & CMO

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