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8 Examples of Amazing Product Pages

Kaya Ismail • 22 February 2023

If you want your eCommerce store to be successful, there is probably one thing you need to focus on above everything else—the product page. 

Your product page can make or break a sale, and when a potential customer lands on your latest product, you want to do everything you can to wow them. Surprisingly not everyone takes product page design as seriously as they should. 

According to Baynard's e-commerce UX Product Page benchmark, only 15% of the top 71 grossing eCommerce sites in the US and Europe have what could be considered a good product page UX performance. 

Creating a good product page can catapult you ahead of the competition. So, if you're looking for inspiration around the design of your product page, or perhaps if you're hunting for ways to add functionality to your product pages, these product page examples will help. 

1. Studio Neat

Studio Neat

Product Page: Material Dock

Studio Neat's product pages seem more like landing pages than product pages. This creates a bold impact on the user from the get-go. 

Multiple HD images of the product in use and context provide a better alternative than just a plain white background. Not to mention the video content they use to showcase the full extent of the product from multiple angles, like with their Material Docks for wireless smartphone charging. 

Studio Neat Product page

They also provide easy-to-read product descriptions and specifications so that users can quickly find out if the product will match their iPhones.

Studio Neat specifications

How It Could Be Improved

Some of the things that Studio Neat could do to improve their product pages would be to, first of all add personalization and customization for customers. From different colors to the option of engraving the docks with a personalized message or initials could entice customers to purchase the product as a gift option.

Additionally, adding a wishlist button can help boost social shares, along with the ratings and reviews that provide the social proof customers often look for when buying a product. 

2. 6KU

6KU product page example

Product Page: Urban Track Bike

The 6KU website features urban bikes that exemplify store owners' and potential visitors' passion for cycling. 

Some of the unique things they mention on the product page include product availability notifications that let customers know when they can purchase the size bike they need. 

The product page includes tons of information that is tastefully hidden away by tabs to prevent the page from seeming too crowded. 

6KU example

Additionally, it's easy for visitors to find social proof in the form of reviews and ratings from previous customers. 

How it Could Be Improved

The 6KU product page does a good job of avoiding clutter and focusing on the questions that the customer might have. However, they could do with some more personalization options for the products and video content on the product page for cycling enthusiasts that might be weighing their options.

3. Allbirds

allbirds product page

Product Page: Men's Wool Runner Mizzles

Allbirds are a footwear and clothing brand with apparel made out of sustainable materials. The product pages feature amazing high-definition images that showcase the brand's quality and the products on offer. 

One of the things we like is that customers can easily view multiple colors of each product, even limited edition colors that may only be available for a short time. Other positives on the product page are the videos of the product being modeled by a person so that the customer can get a clear picture of what they might be buying.

allbirds shoes

The product details section, which highlights the different materials used to make the product, exemplifies the brand's focus on sustainability. Meanwhile, the reviews section and 'also consider' areas are bonuses that can help a customer make the best decision for them. 

allbirds product reviews example

How It Could Be Improved

There isn't much Allbirds needs to do to improve this product page. If we're being picky, then some personalization options could be helpful, but this isn't usually necessary for these products. 

4. Ekster 

Ekster product page

Product Page: Senate Cardholder

The expert craftsmanship of Ekster's smart wallets and card holders are showcased with the images on the product page. A few color options are available and simple descriptions that don't overwhelm the customer with too much information for such a straightforward product. 

ekster product specifications

The drop-down menu that allows customers to switch colors without having to scroll back to the top of the page and the specifications under the product description makes it easy to view all pertinent information.

ekster example

Other promising details are that the key features of the wallets are highlighted, and reviews are readily available to show how customers view the product. 

How It Could Be Improved

A video that shows someone using the wallet and that adds a bit of storytelling to the product page could be beneficial to converting customers and getting them to buy into the product and brand. 

5. Beardbrand

beardbrand product page

Product Page: Beard Comb

There is nothing fancy about a comb. That said, Beardbrand does an excellent job of making this simple product appealing without overdoing it.

beardbrand product specifications

A vibrant product description and a bit of promotion help to convince the buyer that the comb is the best choice for them. Additionally, the assurance policy can make the customer feel at ease that they won't be stuck with a product they don't love.

beardbrand product options

Other features that make this product page stand out are the inclusion of video, customer reviews, and the option to build a custom kit with other products in the store.

How It Could Be Improved

There are very few things that Beardbrand doesn't nail down for the product type. Maybe the inclusion of more images with the product in use, something funny that could portray the product in a different light. Another thing they could do is create an exciting action-packed video that could possibly go viral, similar to what the folks at Dollar Shave Club did when they burst onto the scene.

6. Poo-Pourri

Pou-Pourri product page

Product Page: Home~Pourri - Tropical Air

Another interesting brand and product page is the Poo~Pourri air freshener and odor remover. The product page features high-quality imagery, videos of people using the product, and a simple description. 

Further down, they successfully highlight the benefits and explain more about the scent and its efficacy to add further details that will matter to the customer. The product details section is also quite detailed, showcasing how the product works, the safety warnings, and the ingredients used. 

Product page FAQ section

Reviews of the product from other customers and an FAQ section are great additions that can remove any doubts a customer might have about what they're getting into. 

Poo-Pourri product reviews

How It Could Be Improved

Not much to say about Poo~Pourri, as they've turned an otherwise overlooked product into something fun. They have also leveraged amazing video commercials and memorable actors to advertise their product in the past. More of the same can only help.

7. Studio Noos

Studio Noos product page

Product Page: Brown Teddy Mini Backpack

Studio Noos sells handmade bags and accessories. They do a good job of showcasing the products on actual models and in use so that customers can get an idea of what they will look like. Another thing we love about this product page is that it provides a personalization option. Handmade bags and accessories are great, but the personalization option adds that special touch. 

studio noos product description

The product description explains how to care for the product, and further down, there is a collection of images from Instagram that adds social proof and other recommended products to choose from.

Studio Noos user generated content

How It Could Be Improved

Adding a video would provide a storytelling element that takes this product page to the next level. Also, one area where Studio Noos falls short is the lack of a review section to show how others feel about the product. 

8. Ratio Coffee

ratio coffee product page

Product Page: Ratio Eight

Who knew coffee makers could be this expensive? Regardless, Ratio Coffee does a great job convincing the audience that every other coffee maker they've used before wasn't up to scratch. 

ratio coffee product example

An engaging description immediately captivates you and highlights the quality of the product while honing in on the materials that make the product stand out. Customers can view different color variations, customization options, and images from every conceivable angle.

product specification page

Other exciting additions are videos and high-quality images throughout the very detailed product page to give a complete picture of the coffee maker and how to use it. Ratio Eight also does a fantastic job with their specifications and, most notably, the comparison section to see how the coffee makers stack up against each other. 

product comparison page

Finally, the resource library includes helpful information, including unboxing and cleaning the product. 

How It Could Be Improved

The one thing Ratio Eight could offer to make this product page a 10/10 would be to include personalization as an option. A product like this is something many customers would love to make their own, especially as part of a gift or a wedding registry. 

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