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Instant Commerce advances usability with powerful new customizer

Sam Van Hees • 22 February 2023

Today, Instant Commerce proudly unveils its new customizer experience! With this update, you can easily and rapidly create storefronts like never before. Let's explore the new possibilities.

Visual preview 

When building a storefront, it is essential to have a visual representation of your work. That's why we developed the new customizer—to provide navigational support which ensures that the live preview of your store always remains at center stage. With all its customization options surrounding it, the design process becomes more visually intuitive and easy-to-use than ever before.

To help make sure your content looks good across platforms, you can set the live preview to desktop, mobile, or full width. To do so, you simply select the desired width in the top left corner.

Block overview

Blocks are the foundation of your store, from product sliders, to FAQ sections and newsletter banners. As you build your store, it's only expected that a great number of blocks will accumulate.

Previously, blocks were previewed in a large format which made it hard to navigate since you had to scroll an extensive amount just for a comprehensive look at all your existing blocks.

With the new customizer blocks are displayed in the navigation banner (see example below) to create a better experience.

Style settings

Style settings were presented as separate entities on the platform and not shown directly in context (live-preview). This caused editing styles to be less tangible on how these affect your storefront. But now with the new customizer, you can immediately observe changes on the live-preview window and feel more connected with your store's overall aesthetic!

The top three icons of the navigation bar on the left correspond to your storefront's entities, which are Blocks, Pages, and Components. The bottom three icons correspond to the visual settings for your storefront, which are Styles, Typography, and Interface elements. 

Global and local style settings are now also easier to manage as global style settings are always available and editable in the navigation bar on the left and local style setting of specific blocks, pages and components are showcased on the editing bar on the right.

Interested in building a headless storefront in a matter of days and increasing revenue? Request a demo now and hop on a call with one of our eCommerce experts to get all your questions answered. 


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Author / Writer
Sam Van Hees
Founder & CMO

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